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Energy Procurement

Commercial energy procurement is the process of sourcing the fuel or electricity a business needs to power its operations. This can be done by purchasing fuel from retail suppliers or from a utility company.

Many states are rolling back restrictions and allowing businesses to source energy from private retailers. These changes present an alternative to utility company-monopolized contracts — trading traditional gas, oil, and electricity models for deregulated, competitive, and transparent retail partnerships.

Managed proactively, energy procurement with a retail vendor can bring businesses a list of advantages, including:
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved operational sustainability
  • Greater peace of mind in running your business

Utility procurement is another term for energy procurement. This is the process by which businesses look for the most favorable energy contracts providing the services they need. Energy procurement involves finding an energy supplier that has lower pricing and, often, a solution that meets your needs specifically. Many businesses have special requirements for their energy. Pairing with the right supplier delivers greater efficiency.
J&S Energy Group has been working in all deregulated markets since their inception and has the expertise to help its customers simplify the complexities of the procurement process.
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